Looking back at the development of its predecessor, we come to the late 1950s, when research was focused on a safe surface for schools and playgrounds.

The first large-scale projects date from the period 1964-1966, such as the famous AstroDome Baseball Stadium in Texas [USA], where the natural grass was replaced by a synthetic turf that since then, got the widely acclaimed Astroturf brand name.

The first generation turf systems (that is, short fibers without infill materials) from the 1960s were replaced by the second generation and in the meantime, already by the third generation artificial grass qualities. The second generation synthetic turf systems consisted of artificial grasses infilled with sand, while the newest generation is infilled with a mixture of sand and recycled rubber.

It is a common misconception to confuse the newest generation of artificial grass with the bright green "plastic" turf carpet of yesteryear. We look forward every time to the amazement in every new visitor about the "authenticity" and the natural appearance of ResiGrass.


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