From "plastic grass" to beautiful, soft lawn

In the meantime, the manufacturing technology has evolved such that artificial grass can be used for numerous applications : a ski slope in Switzerland, landing runways for airports, slopes alongside highways and a training field above an apartment building in the heart of Tokyo are just a few of the versatile applications.

ResiGrass offers a selection of 60 synthetic products where the combination of pole length and density lends itself each time to a specific objective and determines, among other things, the look & feel.

Some versions approach the esthetic properties of natural grass, such as ResiGrass or ResiGrass Pro, and with that, distinguish themselves from artificial sport grass, such as ResiTurf or ResiTurf Pro. These are also all qualities of the third generation, which no longer require any infill.

The many advantages of artificial grass and the continuous innovation and developments of new and always better qualities, mean that ResiGrass artificial grass is selected more and more. 

The ecological and economical advantage through, among others, a drastic reduction in water use, avoidance of weed removers and fertilizers and a significant reduction in the maintenance cost are the major motivation. 


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