ResiBase 0,6-200 - 2.00 x 1.00 m€95/10 m² (excluding VAT)

ResiBase is our intermediate layer to put underneath the artificial grass instead of ResiGeo.  We advice to use ResiBase in the following cases: installation of artificial grass on

  • a surface of EPDM or roofing
  • a surface that is badly penetrable
  • tiles, concrete, asphalt, bankirai and other hardened surfaces
  • places where you would like to have more comfort 

With the use of ResiBase has the following advantages:

  • protective layer, preventing damage to EPDM, roofing or similar surfaces
  • the material is perfectly penetrable, ensuring a good evacutation and temporary storage of the water in case of heavy rain or a poorly penetrable surface
  • creates more comfort, giving you the senation that you are really walking on a nice lawn instead of on a hard concrete slab, asphalt, tiles etc.

ResiBase is also synthetic material, so not subject to decomposotion. The material we use is also resistant to tempature swings en maintains its structure in contradiction to layers made out of rubber.

ResiBase is mostly available in plates of 2.00 x 1.00 meter 

10 m²

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