ResiLeaf Laurus - 3m²

RL188024A - 3 frames of 1.00 x1.00 m - 1 DOOS = 3m2€141,57/BOX (3m²) (including VAT)€117/BOX (3m²) (excluding VAT)


A beautiful hedge without worries is now within your reach.  Our true imitation of the popular Laurus Nobilis leaves will convince you to install it immediately.

No more pruning!  Once applied you will enjoy this hedge that will never show holes or suffer from diseases. It will  stay full and green. This type is available in frames/clips of 1.00 x 1.00 meter that are easy to apply at your steel wired fence, wooden panels, walls. Each box contains 3 frames, so 3m2 of hedge

De frames can be attached to each other with ease in order to obtain bigger surfaces, or can be cut into smaller dimensions to fit to each surface you would like to equip with it.

Order now and very soon you will be looking at a nice green hedge instead of ugly, old fences or walls.

BOX (3m²)

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