ResiGrass 244 M - 4.10 m width - lines tufted in. Minimum order quantity 3000 m2€24,90/m²€20,75/m² (excluding VAT)

60 mm high football grass. To fill in with silica sand and granulate (rubber or cork)

FIFA quality, if installed according to the required specifications and sub-layer.

This is a strong and qualitative synthetic grass for years of football pleasure. With artificial grass the number of playable hours increases significantly.

Ideal on pitches for practice and an absolute must for any soccer team that wants to score better.



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ResiGrass 244 M

Characteristics of artificial grass

Fibre length (mm)60
Product height (mm)62
Stitches in the width (# per m)125
Stitches in the length (# per m)65
Knots (# per m²)8190
Fibre decitex (g/10km)12000
Product weight (g/m²)2590
Colors (#, shades per product)2
Filaments (# per knot)7
Yarn structuremonofilament
Fibre shapestraight
Yarn typepolyethylene
INFILL REQUIREDSilica sand & Granulat

This artificial grass is suitable for:

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