ResiGrass Pro 459 08€39/m² (excluding VAT)


This beautiful pink artifical grass is awesome as floorcovering for any area where kids love to play. Soft on the little feet and amazing pink colour.

  • The ideal flooring for the outdoor play area
  • Soft for the little feet of the kids and in the favourite colour of all girls
  • Decorative material to create special accents in any shop window
  • Great material for creative souls to realise beautiful pieces of art


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Lovely pink coloured carpet for indoor and outdoor

Characteristics of artificial grass

Fibre length (mm)24
Product height (mm)26
Stitches in the width (# per m)105
Stitches in the length (# per m)160
Knots (# per m²)16800
Fibre decitex (g/10km)12400
Product weight (g/m²)2270
Colors (#, shades per product)1
Filaments (# per knot)16
Yarn structuremonofilament
Fibre shapestraight
Yarn typepolyethylene / polypropylene
Use Frequent use

This artificial grass is suitable for:

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