Installation on athletic fields

The installation of artificial grass on an athletic field is, in principle, the same as for a garden. What is of particular importance when installing athletic fields is the preparation of the surface. This preparation must be done carefully, which is also the case for grounds with natural grass.

Important points to keep in mind are:

  • Proper drainage
  • The proper foundation (gravel, drainage sand, lava, lava sand,...)
  • Adjusted foundation (ResiShock, ResiBase,...)
  • Choice of the infill material (or none)
  • The maintenance

ResiGrass stands for very high quality artificial grass products that enjoys a good reputation already for years, both for professional as well as for private use.

When installing professional athletic areas, companies that are specialized in the construction of the foundation are hired. 

For the installation of tennis courts, a training area for ball sports or a putting green in your garden or for the local association, you can always consult our team.

We are happy to help you determine the proper choice and its installation.  We also offer a number of solutions that no longer require any infill, which significantly decreases the maintenance.


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