Maintenance of non-infilled artificial grasses

Artificial grass does not require much maintenance, but regular cleaning extends the life of your artificial grass

  • remove organic material such as leaves, seeds, etc. on a regular basis with a rake, brush or leaf blower
  • the rain washes away most of the filth, but it is recommended to clean thoroughly with a garden hose or high pressure cleaner a few times per year. This cleaning can also possibly be done with an industrial vacuum cleaner.
  • occasionally brush long or soft artificial grass fibres so that the blades of grass stand up nicely
  • droppings from dogs, cats and birds do not cause any discoloration. For reasons of hygiene, it is recommended to remove these droppings on a regular basis, insofar as they are not washed away by the rain
  • nevertheless, if moss or weeds arise due to organic material that has been left behind, then you can simply remove it with a normal moss remover that is not too aggressive
  • any spilled dirt can be removed with a mild detergent (soapy water) and a sponge.


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