You contribute to a better environment with ResiGrass

Saving precious water

Of course, artificial grass must not be watered in the summer. As a result, precious water is saved, which is good for nature and the environment. 

No use of weed removers or fertilizers 

Weed removers, fertilizers, lime and other often chemical products are obviously unnecessary on ground covered by artificial grass. As a result, substances that can pollute the environment do not end up in the ground. 

Ecological alternative for pavement 

Flooding is an increasing problem in many areas due to the frequent paving of the surface with asphalt, concrete, bricks, etc. With ResiGrass, the same effects of a beautiful and mud-free surface can be achieved without the problems of draining rain water, caused by paving. ResiGrass is perfectly water permeable and also forms a barrier that prevents evaporation so that plants and flora can grow optimally. 

Green roofs... make your roof a garden with Resigrass

New construction in many areas imposes a number of obligations for the construction or updating of roofs, such as the installation of a green roof.  ResiGrass has a specific system that satisfies all of the set requirements and also provides the extra benefit that a green roof can be walked on, in contrast to the classic extensive or intrinsic roofs. Make your roof a garden with ResiGrass.

Completely recyclable

ResiGrass offers the option to recoup your turf after the lifespan of the artificial grass. The material will be cleaned and can be reused for the manufacture of new consumer goods.



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