Install RegiGrass now and save

In addition to the rewarding beneficial  effect on the environment, you can, with ResiGrass, save significantly on the costs and expenditures for the installation and the maintenance of your lawn, terrace, roof terrace, or whatever other application.

Various studies and calculations demonstrate clearly the so-called "Total Cost of Life (TCL)", - the total cost calculated over the normal lifespan - always results to the benefit of artificial grass.

For less than € 200,- per year you can already enjoy a beautifull lawn in artificial grass

Choosing ResiGrass means saving on expenditures for 

  • water
  • fertilizers
  • weed removers
  • purchase and maintenance of lawn mowers
  • the scarification of your lawn
  • fuel for your lawn mower and other machines
  • sowing bare spots again 

and especially saving YOUR VALUABLE TIME, so that you can use it for what you actually want to do and simply ENJOY.

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