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ResiGrass is also perfectly suited for all applications where safety, hygiene and comfort are important. That is why it is the pre-eminent solution for all environments where children play (schools, playgrounds, daycare centers, ...).


Due to the continuous development of artificial grass, there are many qualities in our collection of artificial grasses today that feel incredibly soft and have a pleasant feel when touched. In contrast to grass, it will not itch and it is ideal for people who suffer from allergic reactions from, for example, grass pollen etc.  You will, obviously, not suffer from that with ResiGrass


All of our products are developed and manufactured with the greatest care and attention for humans and environment. They contain no harmful substances such as heavy metals or other hazardous components and can be adapted in all safety.



Due to its composition of polymers, ResiGrass can be cleaned perfectly. You can even clean your turf with household disinfectants, such as, for example, Detol, so that you are assured of a pure and clean environment. Animal droppings, spilled food, even oil and fats can be easily removed with the usual household (not aggressive) cleaning products. 

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