How to calculate the quantity of artificial grass

When calculating the quantities of grass and accessories you need for your project, you need to take following into consideration:

ROLL WIDTH - all the rolls (except for RTP815) are 4.00 m wide

ALIGNMENT  - the different pieces that compose the whole field, have to be put in the same direction, if not you will get an optical color difference. So you cannot turn the pieces under different angles

BEST PRACTICE- to obtain the best optical result, you best put the grass so that the fibres (they always slightly incline towards one direction) tend towards you when positioned at the spot from which you look into garden most of the time.

NET and GROSS QUANTITIES - the quantity you need is most of the time more than the calculated mathematical surface of the area you want to cover. This is because of the items explained above

On the drawing below, you can see how to go about it. 

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