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Gluing artificial grass with joining tape or glue band? 

Artificial grass is an incredibly rewarding surface to transform any space, indoors or outdoors, in an instant. Our installation team will take over the laying of your artificial grass if you wish, but many people install their artificial grass themselves, as it is not too difficult if you are a bit handy. 
If you have a terrace, garden or other area less than 4 metres wide, it is literally as simple as preparing the ground, rolling out the artificial grass mat, securing it and done. So you can enjoy a new garden in no time!
If you have an area wider than 4 metres, you will probably glue your artificial turf rolls together to create one big whole. But how exactly should you glue that artificial grass together? There are different products for that.

For shorter pieces that are not walked on too intensively, you can use the single-sided tape. This artificial grass adhesive tape is already ready-made and you attach it where you want to make the seams. 

If your artificial lawn has longer seams and your artificial grass serves pets or children, we always recommend buying artificial grass glue and Resiband. This two-component glue is very strong and, once dry, will not dissolve. 


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Types of joining tape, glue and band

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One-sided adhesive tape
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How to glue artificial grass with artificial grass joining tape or glue and band? 

We have written out the entire installation process for you in this guide when installing artificial grass yourself. In itself, installing artificial grass carpets is not difficult, but always make sure you start well prepared. So always get thorough information from our experts so you can learn the different steps beforehand and buy the necessary artificial grass accessories. 

Once you have laid the artificial grass strips in the right length, width and order, the seaming phase begins. Here it is important to work quickly and efficiently so that the glue does not dry up. Carefully made seams will not be seen or felt afterwards. Always let your artificial lawn settle and harden for 24 hours before walking on it. If you are not careful or the lawn was used too quickly, you run the risk that the seams will pull apart and remain visible. 

Are you getting stressed reading this step or do you really not feel up to installing it yourself? Then you can always call on our installation service for a smooth installation. Smaller gardens (up to 50 m2) can usually be installed in one day, so you can enjoy a lovely green oasis 48 hours after you start.


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