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Installing a planted wall

Discover the positive impact of a planted wall with artificial hedges, vertical garden or moss wall on your living or working environment!

Indoors, this planted green wall is an eye-catcher for your employees and visitors, with the green element forming a pleasant resting point in your interior. Outdoors, thanks to their handy clip system, the artificial hedge garden fences give instant privacy on balconies and form the ideal dividing wall!
Our various solutions ensure that you can bring a fine, true-to-nature green element into places where there can otherwise be no greenery, such as dark corners, green exhibition stands or balconies where there is no room for planters.

Besides their true-to-life look, these versatile panels have another great advantage: they require virtually no maintenance. No worries about watering, pruning, repotting or fertilising, because these hedges are fresh green all year round!


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Our different vertical garden and planted wall solutions 

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moswand ENg
Groenmuur indoor bureau

Advantages of a planted wall

Resigrass' clip hedges and vertical gardens are not only a stylish eye-catcher, but have numerous other benefits: 

  • Instant privacy: reduce privacy in an instant

  • Attachable to various surfaces

  • No maintenance 

  • Pleasant atmosphere in the home/work area

  • Reduces stress

  • Beneficial effect on acoustics 

Discover the benefits of Resigrass for your project

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Green all year round

All our artificial hedges and vertical gardens come with UV protection. Whereas ordinary artificial plants and cheaper artificial hedges easily discolour under the influence of sunlight, these products retain their colour: so you can enjoy a rich green colour palette for years.

Accumulated dirt or dust on outdoor hedges is easily washed away by a rain shower, although for a brilliant result you can always pass by with the garden hose for a thorough cleaning, where the dirt runs away! Installation at high altitudes or windy spots is possible, provided very frequent fixing is done. Finally, you need not fear the impact of frost or colder temperatures: the materials are resistant to these, so you can simply leave the planted/green wall outside in winter too.

Installation of the green wall

To install your planted wall or artificial hedge, you can do it yourself with the necessary explanation, but you can of course also call on our installers so that you don't have to worry about it. 
The modular system consists of different panels of 25cm x 25cm, which are already pre-assembled into larger holes of 50cm x 50cm. So you can easily disconnect panels and reattach them in other places for minimal loss of product during installation. Still need customization? Then just cut or trim to size. 

For whom are our green solutions? 

The innovative wall panels are very versatile and can be used in various locations. Thanks to UV protection, they brighten up any balcony or terrace in no time at all, being able to be fixed against both railing and wall. Enjoy more privacy on the terrace of your flat, restaurant or bar. Green walls are a nice element both for private individuals and for companies, lounges, shops, catering establishments, care facilities and so much more. You can also contact us as an interior or event designer for a B2B offer on artificial plants, so that you can offer your customers the best possible service!