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Why choose an artificial hockey pitch? 

A hockey pitch that always looks nice and green is possible! In this branch of sport, the use of artificial grass is by far the most widespread. Resigrass supplies artificial grass especially developed for classic hockey pitches, but we can also provide (semi) water-based pitches -for an even more exciting and faster game.

An artificial hockey pitch increases the playability of your field: rain or not, the pitch will soon be dry again thanks to the high water permeability of artificial grass. 

Are you looking for advice on buying the right hockey turf, do you want to know more about laying an artificial hockey field or do you want to know how many square metres of artificial turf to order for your project? Then get in touch and one of our advisers will help you immediately!



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Our three best products for your hockey pitch

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Multisport 24 blue

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Hockey pitch green

Multisport 24 green

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Hockeyveld pitch red

Beautiful, always green, artificial grass

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Laying an artificial hockey pitch

You want to buy hockey artificial grass and lay a practice field but don't know where to start? The Resigrass rolls are always 4m wide. So if you have a smaller field of, say, 8 metres long and 4 metres wide, you can start by yourself.

First remove the existing natural vegetation (grass, plants, ivy,...) and make sure the roots are well removed. Dig down to about 10 cm, provide curb stones if not yet present and then fill with sandy sand (or another type of fine sand that contains some loam) and level.

Once the foundation layer is levelled and compacted, choose an intermediate layer in resishock, resibase or Resigeo. Once it covers the entire surface, roll out the turf and fix it to the perimeter.

If the field is wider than 4m, seams will have to be made. Depending on your skills, you can always use our installation service for larger fields!

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