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Underlay and shock pads under artificial grass

Although the different qualities of Resigrass artificial grass are very soft to the touch, an artificial grass mat is always installed in combination with an underlayer. These underlays have a pressure-distributing, permeable and/or shock-absorbing function. This is because artificial grass contains punctures for the smooth drainage of rainwater, but if there is dense concrete or tiles under the grass mat, it will be difficult for the water to drain away. A draining base will then be appropriate. 
Also, if your lawn serves for sports and games, you may choose to add a cushioning under the artificial grass for extra safety.

There are different types of underlays, such as a simple pressure-distributing underlay (geotextile), a thinner, levelling shock pad on rolls and a thicker shock pad in the form of shock-absorbing tiles, ideal for schools and sports clubs. Each shockpad has unique properties and will be used for different purposes. Our experts are always on hand to help you choose the right underlayment for your artificial grass project. 


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Benefits of artificial grass underlay

You don't choose an artificial grass garden, terrace, playground or sports field just because it looks nice, of course. There are many reasons to choose this versatile surface that is ideal for both intensive use and ornamental gardens, with a cushioning underlay offering additional benefits: 

  • Extra safety

  • Provides extra stability

  • Increases water permeability if soil is not + ensures steady flow

  • Pleasant, soft feel when in use

  • No marking on the surface (such as tiles, wooden floor,...)

Different underlays for artificial grass

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When to install shock-absorbent under artificial grass? 

In some cases, a cushioning underlay is a 'nice to have', such as on terrace tiles, roof terraces and on children's play and exercise areas. They provide a soft surface and give the feel of a natural lawn. They will also avoid the markings of the soil underneath: ideal in the case of wide-jointed tiles or a wooden terrace floor, where the grooves already dare to become visible through the turf. This is especially the case with shorter, thinner qualities of artificial lawn. You can also choose to install fall protection under or around the trampoline. In the event of someone falling then, the shock is reduced to some extent anyway. 

In a number of cases, fall cushioning is absolutely recommended and even mandatory: just think of the installation of artificial grass around playground equipment, height courses, slides, etc. The type of fall cushioning and the finish of the installation will be calculated according to the size of the equipment, whereby a correct installation can obtain HIC certification.

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