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Why choosing an artificial football pitch

Whether you have the next Ronaldo in the house or like to kick a ball around with friends: installing a football pitch in the garden is no longer just for the rich and famous. Artificial turf has been used for sporting purposes for years (and was even the very first purpose of synthetic turf) and with good reason: the maintenance of a synthetic football pitch is several times lower than a football pitch in real grass, with minimal maintenance costs and time investment. However, the quality of the ball game is second to none, with our synthetic turf pitches for football being FIFA quality if installed according to the regulations. Artificial grass is also a convenient solution for building a panna cage. 


Would you like to lay your own football pitch in your garden where the children can also play other sports? Then a multisport artificial grass is ideal for you! 


If you want to know how much an artificial turf football pitch costs, ask for your free quote or discover the different football grasses at Resigrass in the spacious showroom and show garden. 


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Our best artificial grasses for your football pitch

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Advantages of an artificial football pitch

Artificial turf for football pitches has long been established in the sports world. For professional football pitches and small practice areas, you can always turn to Resigrass.
Besides the classic infill artificial grasses for football, we also offer the latest generation of solid non-infill artificial grasses.

When you choose for Resigrass football turf, you choose for the highest quality:

  • available in 3 heights and 3 qualities of infill grass

  • no more mud pools

  • latest generation football grass without infill

  • durable, wear-resistant

  • the ball bounces and rolls similar to natural grass

  • playable all year round, extending the playing season

  • strong increase in the number of playing hours available

  • optimal and constant playing quality thanks to the homogeneous surface

Discover the benefits of Resigrass for your project

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Lay your own football pitch or use an installation service? 

Whether you can install the artificial turf football pitch yourself or prefer to call in our professional installation team depends on a number of personal considerations: do you have the necessary time & resources, the size of the pitch (a small practice pitch of 4m wide is a lot more manageable than an actual football pitch), condition of the current terrain,...

We can be involved in various phases of construction, with you taking care of the excavation and levelling, for example. Our advisers take the time to listen to your situation and needs and we always come up with a tailor-made solution!


Discover all the possibilities of artificial grass for sports 

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