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Artificial turf for schools and play areas 

This low-maintenance flooring for play areas, recreational grounds and kindergartens brightens up the sometimes dull school environment and makes pupils enjoy coming to school! 

A schoolyard or recreation ground is walked on intensively every day and with natural grass it quickly turns into a mud pool. With Resigrass' child-friendly artificial grasses, we offer a solution that ensures a clean play environment that can be used to the maximum with minimum maintenance. 

Come discover our wide range of artificial grasses for schools and playgrounds in our show garden and get advice and a quote tailored to your needs and requirements from one of our experts.


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Quality of artificial grass on the play area

Artificial grass comes in various designs, think of a play mat in bright orange, fresh yellow, sky blue, sparkling red and brightens up any grey environment in a matter of hours!

Besides the look, however, quality is important. A schoolyard has to endure several playing children's feet every day, so it is very important that the quality of the (coloured) surface is suitable for intensive use. This is certainly the case with our coloured artificial grasses: they have a shorter pile and are densely knotted, keeping the surface looking nice! Choose a hard-wearing, child-friendly artificial grass playing field when you want a low-maintenance solution that will last for many years.


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Artificial grass safe to play on

Finally, perhaps one of the most important factors when it comes to the construction of a play area or play area: child safety. 

  • Artificial grass provides a safe surface for a school environment for several reasons:

  • Production according to strict EU safety standards: this means that Resigrass turf is free of harmful substances for humans & animals. We also always opt for sand as a spreading material, which means that harmful rubber granulates are out of the question.

  • Certified fall protection (HIC certificate) thanks to shock-absorbent ground cover (Resishock)

  • No use of fertilisers or harmful pesticides for maintenance of natural grass or tiles.

  • 100% drainage: rainwater runs through our artificial grasses up to 60l/m2/minute, so no puddles form rainy weather