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Moss walls for indoor and outdoor use 

You see them popping up more and more in office spaces, public buildings and even in private homes: moss walls. The popularity of moss panels indoors has well-founded reasons: moss on the wall not only looks beautiful, but has numerous other benefits such as improved acoustics and a greater sense of well-being. Best of all, this green eye-catcher is completely maintenance-free, at least when you choose a moss panel from Resigrass. You install these moss walls both indoors and outdoors, where you create a beautiful Zen garden.

Due to the nature of the product, you can install the moss wall anywhere, even in places where there is no sunlight. Resigrass' moss walls are made of high-quality plastic, so they will keep your space green for many years to come. After the one-time installation of the moss panels on the substrate -wall, fence or wiring- this moss wall will last for years!

Are you interested in the various possibilities or would you like to know exactly how much a moss wall will cost? Then our advisers will be happy to help you with comprehensive advice or a free quote. You can view a large surface area of our moss walls in our show garden, or order your moss wall online. 


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Beautiful, always green, artificial grass

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Beautiful, always green, artificial grass

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Advantages of a moss wall

Moss walls bring not only colour but also texture to a room, without taking up a lot of space or feeling overwhelming. The advantages of a (synthetic) moss wall are therefore numerous: 

  • A real eye-catcher: It is hard to look past a fantastic eye-catcher like a moss wall. The wall instantly adds atmosphere and warmth to an environment that would otherwise be difficult to fill.

  • Acoustic damping: moss walls reduce the echo within a room. Living and working in this space becomes more pleasant and by reducing the disturbing noise of ambient noise, you become more productive and your quality of life improves.

  • Durable: Our moss walls in plastic last for years, and because they have been given UV protection, they are also suitable for outdoor installation.

  • Maintenance-free: Forget complicated and expensive irrigation systems, because plastic moss wall panels require no maintenance. If you place them outdoors, the rain will wash away accumulated dust, or you just give the wall a rinse with the garden hose and you're good to go again for a while!

  • No problems with insects and plant diseases: ideal for keeping a moss wall inside your home

  • No need for daylight: this wall brightens up even the darkest corners

We do not only ship to Antwerp, but also to Limburg, Hainaut, East Flanders, West Flanders, Flemish Brabant and the rest of Belgium!  
If you have no idea how to install a moss wall, you can always call on our enthusiastic team where they will take care of the installation of this green wall for you.

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