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Artificial grass for roof terraces and balconies

Cosy home enjoyment in green surroundings is no longer just for people with gardens: thanks to our artificial grasses, the greyest balcony or roof terrace becomes a green oasis. Artificial grass is the perfect surface on terraces and balconies that not only looks good, but also feels incredibly nice. 
Install your artificial grass on roofing or a flat roof and transform your outdoor space into a wonderful place you won't want to leave!

Our wide range includes different types of artificial grass that are ideal for a flat roof or a terrace. Get free advice on the best type for your project and order artificial lawn in our showroom or online. 


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Our three best selling artificial grasses for terrace & balcony

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Advantages of artificial grass on the (roof) terrace

Artificial grass carpets are a very rewarding product if you have always dreamed of a lovely green grass carpet on your balcony. A real grass carpet is often impossible on a fourth-floor balcony -mud, weighs too much, no sun and no sandy soil- but an artificial grass carpet is simply rolled out and depending on whether you fix it into the ground, you can take it with you afterwards: Ideal for a rental flat.

The carpet is also very easy to maintain and if you choose a sturdy type, it can take a beating and even heavier furniture... So the perfect playing ground for smaller children and even pets: dogs often love artificial grass!

By the way, did you know that we not only have natural-looking artificial grass, but also different types of coloured artificial grass? These are great for a unique terrace or the outdoor lounge of companies, such as this gold-coloured roof terrace in the Port of Antwerp. 

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Installing artificial grass on rooftop terrace and balcony 

Thinking of buying artificial grass for your balcony and want more info on the installation? Detailed instructions can be found on our installation page or given to you by our advisors, but generally speaking, installation on a balcony is not much different from an artificial grass installation in the garden. The basic prerequisite for a beautiful artificial lawn is that the surface is properly level. This is often not a problem on balconies and roof terraces. However, it is important to take into account proper preparation and any intermediate layer to avoid damage to roofing, for example. So always be well informed about this. 

An intermediate layer with geotextile/pressure distribution fabric or a Resibase is recommended anyway. The latter prevents friction and subsequent damage to EPDM/roofing. As terraces are often not 4 metres wide, there is little chance that seams will need to be made. If this is the case, it is best to cut the pieces into the right shape on a stone base beforehand. 

Not up to installing artificial grass on your balcony yourself? Then you can count on the Resigrass team: our professionals have already installed thousands of square metres of artificial grass all over Belgium and will take care of everything for you. You can also count on them for transporting and bringing up the turf!