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Advice, selection and installation of artificial hedges

Looking for the ideal fence for your balcony, terrace or garden? Then Resigrass' artificial hedges are the solution! Our clip hedges in for example laurel, boxwood or lavender give you the privacy you want in no time. Thanks to this artificial hedge fence, you reduce the view and transform your outdoor environment into a lovely green oasis you can enjoy all year round, without pruning, watering or watering!

The different types of synthetic hedges come in the form of handy panels, usually 50cm x 50cm, which you easily click together. Attach the artificial hedges to your fence or balcony railing and you will have a beautiful, full hedge in no time. The UV stability of our artificial hedge garden screens ensures that they are colourfast, allowing you to install them indoors as well as outdoors. In our showroom, all versions are hung on large surfaces so you can see the impact these hedges make.


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The advantages of an artificial hedge and garden screen

Are you still hesitating between the different options (do you want a wooden fence, real or fake bushes, bamboo mats?) or do you not even know what is possible to reduce the visibility of your balcony or garden? Here are a few advantages of artificial hedges over the alternatives

  • Instant privacy: do not wait for years until your ivy or beech hedge is dense enough, because with our hedge panels you create a dense screen in a few hours.

  • Wide range: depending on the style of your garden, there are plenty of options in our range. The classics such as boxwood, laurel or euonymus fit most gardens, but would you prefer something more playful or a lighter shade of green? Then the clover, mixed leaf or Veronica are perfect for you.

  • Lifelike: all our hedges are hand-sewn with leaves for a very natural effect. Combined with a climbing plant or planter at the bottom, they are indistinguishable from a real, lush hedge

  • UV-stable: thanks to a special coating, these panels will not fade after a year outdoors

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use: the high-quality material in which these hedges are manufactured ensures that they can take a beating. So install the panels indoors or outdoors with confidence

  • Easy to maintain: Once installed, you basically have no more work and still have the perfect hedges all year round. Forget pesky critters, the boxwood moth, hedge clippers that don't work, pruning waste and fertiliser!

  • Various possible substrates: easily install the artificial hedge panels on wire fences, bare walls, terrace walls, balcony railings or on an indoor wall as a real eye-catcher for your shop interior

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Installation of artificial hedges

For the installation of your green wall or artificial hedge, you can do it yourself with the necessary explanation, but you can of course also call on our installers so that you do not have to worry about it. 

The modular system consists of different panels of 25cm x 25cm, which are already pre-assembled into larger holes of 50cm x 50cm. So you can easily disconnect panels and reattach them in other places for minimal loss of product during installation. Still need customisation? Then just cut or trim to size.

How to attach the clip hedge correctly depends on the substrate. Because clip hedges do not have a trunk like a real shrub, an existing surface is always needed to attach the hedge to. In principle, you can mount on any type of surface, as long as you can screw in a screw or attach a tension strap. If you mount on a wooden or stone fence, you can use screws to keep everything in place. If you mount the artificial hedge on the railing of your balcony or terrace or against a fence, you fix it with colson ties, with which you hang the panel with the wiring at regular intervals (about every 25 cm). Discover the different varieties in our show garden in Antwerp or simply order online. We deliver in Antwerp and the rest of Flanders and Wallonia.