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Artificial turf for padel

Padel has gained popularity in recent years, so the demand for courts and clubs for this accessible racket sport is increasing. Are you planning to open a padel club or are you expanding your tennis club with padel courts as an interesting sideline?
Then you will soon be faced with questions such as 'how should I build a padel court', 'what is the ideal surface for padel', 'where do I buy artificial grass for a padel court' and so on. 

The answer to all these questions can be found at Resigrass: we have been experts in artificial grass since 2003. And artificial grass is the most important element of a high-quality padel court. We can help you select the right type of artificial grass for your padel court, install it and maintain it.

We understand better than anyone that you are already busy enough with your business, so we take care of every stage of the life of the surface of your padel courts. 


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Discover the different colors of Resi Padel Pro 

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Advantages of installing a padel court in artificial grass

Why is artificial lawn in blue, terracotta or green so popular for the construction of a padel court? Easy: there are plenty of advantages associated with this surface, we list them for you: 

  • Guaranteed playing quality and comfort: the mats form a soft base on which the ball always moves in a controlled manner

  • Maximum playability: artificial grass is water-permeable and when installed properly, there will be virtually no puddles. So that means maximum occupancy (and yield) of your pitch.

  • Colourfast: Rain or sun, indoors or outdoors: the Resigrass padel qualities are UV-resistant and will look radiant, whatever the circumstances.

  • Easy maintenance: Artificial grass requires little maintenance, so you lose hardly any time or money.

  • Advice, purchase and installation under one roof at Resigrass. 

At Resigrass, we are at your service at any time. We also have different types of natural-looking artificial grass for around your padel or tennis court, making your courts and club look next level.

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