Advice, selection and installation of sports pitches in artificial grass

An artificial turf pitch is the ideal surface for sports fields. This is because the product is hard-wearing, low-maintenance and will last for years, unlike a playing field in real grass. Whether you are looking for a football pitch, a professional padel court, a golf putting green or a multisport pitch for children: Resigrass will help you out! 

Forget muddy sports fields in rainy weather or dry surfaces that need constant watering, because artificial grass offers a sports field in perfect condition all year round, without heavy maintenance. 
We have been experts in advice, sales and installation of artificial grass since 2003 and will be happy to help you select and lay your artificial grass sports pitch. 


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An artificial grass type for every sport

Originally, artificial grass was developed and used for sports fields. Because the product had so many advantages - low maintenance, one-off instead of ongoing investment, no need for water/fertiliser/mowing, long lifespan & usable all year round - artificial grass carpets were also further developed for ornamental gardens. To this day, however, artificial grass remains popular for the construction of golf courses, hockey, football and tennis courts. 

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Discover the benefits of Resigrass for your project

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Proven quality & safety of artificial sports grass

Resigrass always produces according to the highest EU safety standards, thus guaranteeing a safe and highest quality playing field. The different types of substrates installed under the mat provide a buffer in case of falls if necessary, as may be the case with a multi-sport field for schools. Over the years, the playing quality of an artificial turf pitch has been extensively compared to a natural playing field, with performance unaffected by the other surface. Artificial grass also lends itself well to indoor applications such as fitness, crossfit and even fysio practices. 

Buying artificial turf for sports fields

Curious about the cost of an artificial turf sports field? That depends on various factors such as the existing surface, the type of sport it will serve, the need for a shock-absorbing mat or not, whether you install the mat yourself or have it installed, and a number of other factors. You can always get a free quote or discover the different types in our showroom and get immediate answers to all your questions. You will always receive large samples, but if you are curious about the options and cannot make it to our spacious show garden (2000m2), you can also request samples.

Equipment for laying an artificial sports field

What do you need to lay a hard-wearing sports pitch? And how do you install the lines, for example? Installing a sports field is not too different from installing an ordinary artificial lawn for garden and terrace, but you need to take into account the right soil and preparation work. You are of course always welcome for tailor-made advice in our large showroom and garden,
where we can advise on necessary materials based on provided photos and dimensions. You will also always receive a customised quote so you know what an artificial turf sports pitch will cost.

Not quite ready to lay a tennis court? Then we offer an installation service so you don't have to worry about it. Ideal for the installation of padel courts or putting greens, which require a little customisation.