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Cleaning artificial grass

Unlike a natural lawn, artificial grass requires very little maintenance. This makes it the ideal surface for anyone who likes to have a radiant green lawn, without all the hassle of mowing, watering, fertilising, etc. 
Artificial grass does not grow, making mowing, fertilising and watering unnecessary.

The maintenance your artificial grass requires in exchange for a whole year of beautiful green surroundings is limited to an interim cleaning of the artificial grass at the transition from autumn to winter and from spring to summer. This is because those are the periods when a lot of organic material falls and, if not brushed away in time, settles in the bottom of the mat and forms a breeding ground there for weeds and moss. So you prevent this by brushing the artificial grass clean from time to time. Still notice organic material stuck in the soil? Then you can also clean it yourself thanks to Resiclean for a thorough cleaning!

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Natural cleaning product for artificial grass 

For a thorough cleaning of your artificial lawn, you can use Resiclean, where this natural emulsion based on enzymes dissolves the organic material, after which the rain washes it away. 
This cleaning product is not only suitable for artificial grass, but also for cleaning natural stone! 

Resiclean is a powerful, natural cleaning product for your synthetic turf, but if you do not suffer from weeds or moss in your grass, you can carry out general  maintenance. If you do not have time or if your body does not allow physical exertion, you can always count on the Resigrass team to carry out a maintenance!

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