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Types of artificial grass maintenance 

You want to enjoy a beautiful green lawn all year round but can't or don't want to do the heavy maintenance that comes with turf. Then artificial grass is a brilliant alternative. Summer or winter: you never have to water, mow or sow. You can also forget about fertilising, fighting grubs and scarifying. 

Artificial grass requires a fraction of your time and efforts and, with a minimum of maintenance, will look radiant for years. 
How you should maintain artificial grass depends on the time of year and the life stage of your fake turf. When to brush, moss or repair artificial grass we explain below. 


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All types of maintenance

General maintenance for artificial grass:

This type of artificial grass maintenance will extend the life of your artificial lawn. How often you do general maintenance depends on the environment you live in: is your artificial grass in a wooded area or on a tenth-floor roof terrace? The amount of organic material will differ. In general: 

  • Remove organic material such as leaves, seeds, etc. regularly with a (plastic) wheel, brush, leaf blower or even hoover.

  • The rain washes away most dirt, but once a year a thorough cleaning with the garden hose or a pressure washer is recommended. An industrial hoover is ideal for thoroughly removing the residual layer built up over the years.

  • Brush long or soft artificial grass fibers occasionally with a hard sweeping brush so that grass blades stand up nicely

  • Faeces of dogs, cats and birds do not cause discoloration. For hygiene reasons, it is advisable to remove them regularly, provided they are not washed away by the rain

  • If moss or weeds do develop due to organic material left behind, they can easily be removed with a normal and not too aggressive moss killer

  • For in-depth cleaning, you can also buy the Resiclean organic emulsion: it removes deeper particles in an ecological way.

  • Any stubborn dirt can be removed with a mild detergent (soapy water) and a sponge.

Specific artificial grass maintenance:

Most types of Resigrass do not require infilling, but football grasses infilled with quartz sand and/or rubber granules require some extra attention in addition to normal maintenance:

  • replenishing the infill material annually
  • perform major maintenance every 5 years by filtering, cleaning and
  • refilling the infill material: quartz sand is organic material, so it may form a breeding ground for moss or weeds. You can easily remove this with a non-aggressive moss or weed killer.

How do I repair damaged artificial grass?

Sometimes an accident does happen, causing slight damage to the turf. Don't panic, this is another one of  the benefits of a lawn in artificial grass: you can fix it. 
Always keep a leftover piece after installation so that you can use it for a possible repair.


  • Leftover of the originally installed Resigrass

  • Sharp cutter knife

  • ResiTape

Working method:

  • Cut the damaged piece of artificial grass out of your turf in a circle. This should be done carefully to avoid cutting the blades of grass. TIP: use a round lid and cut the damaged piece out of the turf along its edge. To obtain exactly the same shape and size of the grass to be replaced, use the same lid.

  • use the removed piece as a template to cut a uniform piece from your remaining Resigrass

  • place the 'new' piece of artificial grass in the cut-out circle of your grass mat

  • rotate the replacement piece until the blades are in the same direction as your grass mat

  • take out the replacement piece and lay it - in the correct laying direction - next to the part to be repaired

  • Apply ResiTape under the existing grass mat

  • place the replacement piece of Resigrass - with the blades in the right direction - on the ResiTape and press firmly

  • leave the repaired piece undisturbed for about 12 hours so that the glue can bond well 

Maintain it yourself or have it maintained 

Not sure where to start for cleaning your artificial grass? If you lack the time, materials or simply the desire to fly in, our Resigrass team is on standby. 
Among other things, they will help you for: 

  • Major maintenance of artificial grass

  • Minor maintenance

  • Deep cleaning of your artificial lawn

  • Repair of your artificial grass

  • Removal of moss from artificial grass

  • Removal of stubborn dirt 

If you have not found what you are looking for, give us a call and we will see how we can assist  you!

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