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Advice, selection and laying of artificial grass in the garden

Nothing like a beautiful garden to enjoy with friends, family or a good book. But the maintenance of that garden could do with a little less! Are you tired of the annual battle against weeds, drought (or just mud puddles), mowing marathons, grubs, lugging in fertilisers for a beautiful green lawn all year round? Then opt for a garden with artificial grass. Summer or winter, your garden will always look its best and without all that maintenance. 

Thanks to your artificial grass mat, you will enjoy a beautiful green lawn all year round, without any maintenance. Forget about mowing, watering, scarifying and weeding - all you have to do is enjoy! Our different qualities of artificial turf for front and back gardens will make your life a lot more pleasant. 

Are you looking for artificial grass for your garden? Then discover our wide range of natural-looking artificial grasses that are perfect for laying in the garden. 


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Advantages of a Resigrass artificial grass mat in the garden: 

There are several reasons why you might choose to install artificial grass in the garden: busy families are often looking for a durable playing field for their children, older people a lush, natural-looking artificial grass for the ornamental garden, still others a quick upgrade on their property investment. Whatever your reason, we always have the ideal artificial grass for you, and there are numerous benefits to installing artificial grass in your garden: 

  • Less maintenance, more enjoyment

  • Always a bright green, lush lawn

  • Very natural look

  • No water wastage during droughts

  • Artificial grass is the ideal surface for active children and dogs

  • Customisation is possible

  • UV-stable

  • Permeable

  • Versatile product

  • Long lifespan

  • Resilient material

So, do you dream of a garden where mud pools or just dry patches are a thing of the past? Where your children can play happily? Then Resigrass artificial grass is an ideal choice for your (modern) garden. Whether you want to install artificial grass around the swimming pool, under the trampoline or simply want a nice lawn for the front garden: thanks to the many varieties, there is always an artificial grass that suits you perfectly.

Since 2003, Resigrass has been the specialist in advice, sales and installation of artificial grass in gardens all over Belgium (and even abroad). Our consultants are always ready to help you find the perfect artificial lawn for your garden. 

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The ideal surface in the garden

Artificial lawn is a highly innovative product where fake grass mats can hardly be distinguished from the real thing. This innovative ground cover is made up of different lengths, thicknesses and colours of yarn, so that there is a perfect mat for every use!

The production also always follows the highest EU quality standards, making Resigrass artificial grass very safe for humans and animals. The high quality of the mat, together with the UV protection, ensures that your artificial lawn stays perfectly in place, through all weathers. During heavy rainfall, the turf allows up to 60L/m2/minute to pass through. No puddles will form on the mat, unless you have laid it on a stabiliser (which we always advise against). Even in drought and intense sunshine, your grass carpet will not discolour.

Because our grass mats can easily be trimmed, artificial grass also fits perfectly in a garden with tiles, around a swimming pool or around existing borders. 
Because this product is an economical ground cover, artificial grass also lends itself perfectly to the construction of company gardens and public areas. 

How to install artificial lawn in the garden

Many customers choose to install artificial grass in the front or back garden. In doing so, the question is often whether you can install artificial grass yourself? Yes you can! We have detailed instructions on how to install your new grass carpet yourself. Everything starts with a good preparation of the soil: it should be even, permeable, free of weeds and roots, and compact.

Once levelled, you cover the soil with a pressure-distributing cloth/geotextile, after which you install the strips of artificial grass. These are always 4m wide and can be up to 40m long. To remain manageable, the pieces are cut to the right length before installation. If your garden is wider than 4 metres, the seams will be put together with very strong glue bands. If done properly, you will not see these seams afterwards.

As a final step, fix the entire surface to the perimeter with artificial grass hooks. How long the installation takes depends on the size of your garden and whether or not you install it yourself. Our team usually installs an average 40-square-metre garden within one day, which includes excavation, installation of sand bed & grass carpets.