Designing a vertical garden 

Have you been wanting to do vertical gardening for a long time, do you want to create a vertical garden indoors or outdoors, or do you simply want to make optimal use of the vertical square metres of your small terrace or balcony? 

Then there are plenty of solutions: how about a plant wall with moss, a vertical herb garden, or a green wall with flowers in plastic for a low-maintenance version, ideal for the office!


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Artificial Grasses

Beautiful, always green, artificial grass

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Artificial Grasses

Beautiful, always green, artificial grass

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Artificial Grasses

Beautiful, always green, artificial grass

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The benefits of vertical gardens

The benefits of having greenery around us, both indoors and outdoors, are numerous. Since not everyone has a large garden, wall gardens are an ideal solution. If you have a small terrace, for example, you will have several extra square metres of vertical anyway. So with vertical gardening, we are going to make use of this space. Here, you are going to install a greenery or green fence against the wall and there are plenty of possibilities: 

A real eye-catcher 
Could your space, both indoors and outdoors, use an extra touch? Then opt for lush plants, possibly with flowers in bright colours and different textures, such as this Resileaf Pink Flower . A colourful plant wall or vertical garden attracts attention and is ideal to set the right tone in the entrance hall of your company, or to brighten up a dark corner outside. In addition, a vertical garden significantly improves acoustics when installed indoors, ideal for laneway offices.

A calm vertical garden
Still more looking to create a tranquillity for the eye? Then a plant wall in calm colours and textures is more for you. Think moss walls, or go for the same plant species to bring in a sea of greenery. These walls are a perfect green solution for business environments, where you want to promote focus, bring nature inside and still keep maintenance to a minimum. 

Vertical kitchen garden or herb garden
Ideal for anyone who likes to taste nature on their plate. By using a hanging system or planters in which you put edible plants, herbs, strawberries and the like, you can do vertical vegetable gardening!

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Our other planted wall solutions

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Vertical garden with artificial plants or real plants? 

You are convinced of the advantages of a greenery on the wall, but do you prefer to go with real or fake plants? That depends on a number of factors, of course: 

  • Location: real plants are living organisms that need sufficient water and sun. So if you are looking for a solution for a poorly lit environment, artificial hedges or plastic vertical gardens are more appropriate.

  • Maintenance: although natural green walls are always constructed with plant species that need less water, the point will come when you need to water them or possibly replace them. Realistically look at how much maintenance you can foresee. 

  • Longevity: how long do you want the green wall to last? Real plants will need to be renewed from time to time, while plastic vertical gardens often last for years.

  • Budget: to install an irrigation system and for the necessary maintenance and replacement, you need to calculate the necessary funds. Check in advance how much the periodic maintenance of a vertical garden will cost you in a year, on top of the installation cost. Artificial plants are often more expensive to buy, but do not require any other maintenance.

  • Use: is the garden an educational project, do you really want to start vegetable gardening or is it more of an ornamental garden? The purpose of your hanging or vertical garden is obviously an important factor in the choice!

If you are looking for a reliable partner for the purchase and installation of your plastic vertical garden, our advisers will be happy to help you. We take the time together to select the right type of vertical garden for your home, terrace or commercial space, tell you more about the installation or provide the installation by our team, if required.

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