ResiTurf Pro 815 New Yellow

€38.72/m² (incl. VAT)

€32,00/m² (excl. VAT)

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Product Description


Combine these fun colours to make creative patterns and cover the outdoor space for kids to play in. If applied together with our schok pads, the system can be certified according to HIC norms.

  • Safe and childfriendly turf
  • Happy colours to create the most wonderfull play areas
  • Applied in combination with our ResiShock, the system can be certified according to HIC
  • Available in 6 colours
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean
Suitable for

Parks & public spaces

Schools & playgrounds

Events,Deco & Architecture


Fibre length (mm)


Product height (mm)


Stitches in the width (# per m²)


Stitches in the length (# per m)


Knots (# per m²)


Product Weight /m²


Colors (#, shades per product)


Filaments (# per knot)


Yarn structure


Fiber shape


Yarn type



Play areas

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Why others love Resigrass

Regardless of the purchase and installation being done by our gardener, they took the time to give us ample information about all the possibilities and varieties. Nice display of all types outside. They gave us a sample without any problem. Highly recommendable to visit if you are thinking about artificial grass. Very friendly reception. Good knowledge of the product.

I am very satisfied with the reception at Resigrass and the contact afterwards.

Rita De Waegeneer

Very friendly reception, followed by a good, professional explanation and a lot of choice of different types of artificial grass. These are real professionals who know what they are talking about. Perfect service for a great price! Keep up the good work! This company is highly recommended if you are looking for artificial grass!

Rudy Neys

Attentive, excellent and professional service with clear and precise advice and explanations! The choice was also made walking barefoot in the outdoor showroom! We used a courier suggested by the team because our purchase (fast 😉 ) did not fit in the car 😄. We recommend this shop!

Philippe Keymeulen

Perfect service and a very clear, objective explanation of the possibilities, pros and cons.

Frank Van de Wiel

We are satisfied with the artificial grass, we placed it ourselves and it was not too bad, only in the beginning the cutting was a bit difficult, for the rest everything was ok.

Ronny Vermeulen

There was plenty of choice in the shop and garden of artificial grass. I was helped enormously with information about my use for the artificial grass. I also received very good information and answers to my other questions. I am very satisfied!

Valerie V.

Since last week, a beautiful piece of artificial grass adorns our garden. Thanks to the expert explanation we received from you, the installation went without a hitch and the grass is pointing in the right direction. The result is fantastic. Thanks again for the good service and handling.


We are very satisfied with the result. The installation service was very professional, friendly and fast, top team! We got positive reactions, some didn't see that it was artificial grass & our dog likes lying on the grass and doesn't dig :-)


Not only am I satisfied with the item I purchased, but I also really appreciate your service and friendliness... I had a problem fairly soon, but you helped me a lot! I can only recommend you!