ResiClean 5 L - 5 liter can€39/5 L CAN (excluding VAT)


ResiClean is an ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY and BIOLOGICAL cleanser, based on enzymes, that removes all pollution and deposit of atmospheric origin.

Apply ResiClean and then do nothing. The enzymes and the nature will do it for you.

By means of rain and wind, so without scrubbing, the maximal effect is obtained after a few weeks (depending on the degree of pollution).


ResiClean can be used to clean:


but is also adequate to use on

  • Roofs, flat or inclined: slate-roofed, tiled, corrugated, reed, roofing, etc.
  • Facades: brick, concrete, mastering, wood, etc. - painted or not
  • Terrace and drive ways: clinckers, tiles, paving stones, hardwood, etc.
  • Ornaments and statues: terracotta, concrete, plastic, freestone, etc.
  • Bluestone (freestone): sills, tombstones, etc.
  • Garden furniture: teak, plastic, metal, etc.

Caution is advised when the product is applied or splashed on certain types of powder coated surfaces. Test it prior to use, on an invisible spot.


ResiClean is to be diluted with water in a proportion of 1:1 to 1:5. Apply the liquid preferably on a dry or slightly wet surface with a sprayer, can, or low pressure cleaner. No futher action is required. Just let the enzymes in ResiClean do all the work for you! After a while filth will dissapear.

Do not apply when outdoor and surface temperatures are below 8°C, neither when rain is to be expected within 24 hours. Do not use when tempreatures are high and avoid working in plain sun.

ResiClean is a concentrated product, to be diluted with water in function of the degree of pollution

Severe pollution: dilute 1 L product with 1 L water and apply abundantly to the surface

Normal pollution: dilute 1 L product with 2 L water and apply abundantly to the surface

Little pollution: dilute 1 L product with 3 L water and apply abundantly to the surface

Preventive: dilute 1 L product with 5 L water and apply abundantly to the surface

Consumption: ca 10m2 with 1 Liter of diluted product, depending on the degree of pollution.

Unique properties

  • Biodegradable: 97% in 14 days (OECD302B test)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Prolonged actoin
  • Economical in use
  • Works preventively


ResiClean enzymes do all the work for you

ResiClean is economical in use

Remove moss and dirt from artificial grass

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