ResiGlue All Weather 2C - 6.6kg

ResiGlue All Weather 2C - 6.6kg€88,58 (including VAT)€73,21 (excluding VAT)

ResiGlue All Weather 2C is a very good adhesive. It must be spread well over the ResiBand in order to glue the different strips of ResiGrass together so that you get one complete grass mat.

Before starting, mix the paste with the liquid. Use a hand mixer to get a well mixed and smooth texture. Apply the adhesive evenly to the ResiBand with a glue comb.

For larger surfaces, we recommend using ResiGlue on ResiBand instead of the readymade ResiTape.

ResiGlue is available in 6.6 kg or 11 kg buckets.

  • Use only in dry weather and at a temperature of min. 15°C
  • Consumption: 2.5 to 3 LM/kg
  • Apply the glue over slightly less than the width of the ResiBand
  • Make sure you do not apply too much glue and remove small glue residues in order to prevent them from sticking to the grass fibres through the perforations
  • Once the glue is mixed, it must be used immediately
  • The glue hardens quickly once on the Resiband, so work in stages.
  • Any unused glue is not tenable.


2-component adhesive artificial grass for all weather conditions

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