ResiGlue 2C-11€75/Bucket 11 KG (excluding VAT)

ResiGlue 2C is a very strong adhering 2-component glue. It must be spread well over the ResiBand in order to adhere the different tracks of ResiGrass to each other so that you achieve one whole stretch of grass.

Before starting, mix the paste with the liquid. For this purpose, use a hand-held mixer so that you obtain a smooth, well-mixed compound. Apply the glue evenly on the ResiBand with a ridged applicator.

For larger surfaces, we recommend using ResiGlue on ResiBand instead of the preparatory ResiTape.

ResiGlue is available in buckets of 3.3 kg or 11 kg.

  • It can only be used in dry weather and at a minimum temperature of 15°C
  • Use: 2.5 à 3 m/kg
  • Apply the glue over somewhat less than the width of the ResiBand
  • Make sure that you do not apply too much glue and remove small remaining amounts in order to avoid that they stick to the grass fibers via the perforations
  • Once the glue has been mixed, it must be used immediately
  • The glue hardens quickly, so work in stages.
  • Any unused glue cannot be stored

Bucket 11 KG

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