First-aid for artificial grass

Sometimes an accident occurs through which your turf suffers slight damage. Do not panic, this is also an instance where the advantage of an artificial grass lawn stands out once again.

Always save a leftover piece of turf after the installation so that you use it for any repairs

How do I repair a piece of damaged artificial grass


  • leftover piece of the original installed ResiGras
  • sharp cutting knife
  • ResiTape 


  • cut out the damaged piece of turf in a circle. This must be done carefully in order to avoid cutting through the blades of grass. TIP: use a round pot lid and cut along its edge to get the damaged piece out of the turf. Use the same pot lid to get exactly the same shape and size of the grass to be replaced.
  • use the removed piece as template in order to cut a similar piece from your leftover ResiGrass
  • place the "new" piece of ResiGras in the circle cut out from your turf
  • turn the replacement piece until its blades are in the same direction as your turf
  • take out the replacement piece and place it - in the proper position - next to the section to be repaired
  • apply ResiTape under the existing turf 
  • place the replacement piece of ResiGras - with the blades in the proper direction - on the ResiTape and press well
  • Do not walk on the repaired piece for 12 hours so that the glue can adhere properly


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