ResiLeaf Mixed - 3m²

RL188009A - 12 frames of 0,50 x 0,50 m / 1 box = 3m2€297,66/BOX (3m²) (including VAT)€246/BOX (3m²) (excluding VAT)


With this hedge, your privacy is assured and you can enjoy a fresh green, lush and beautiful wall.  You will have the impression to find yourself in a tropical forest with lush green vegetation and for its abundant look we have elected this one as our favourite.

The carefully chosen leaves form a beautiful composition and give a perfect coverage. The clips are available in a dimension of 50 x 50 cm and can easily be attached to each other to form bigger panels. If necessary, they can also be cut to smaller pieces in order to fit any surface. Each box contains 3m2 of hedge.

Order now and next week you can already enjoy the view of a green oasis and never need to prune or maintain your hedge any more.

BOX (3m²)

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