ResiTurf Pro 818 G - Rollwidth 4.00 m€48,40/m² (including VAT)€40/m² (excluding VAT)

Choosing for artificial turf on a putting green is not only sensible because you realize a huge cost saving, but you also increase the playability of your terrain. The green is beautiful throughout the year. You also help the environment because you no longer have to process fertilizers, soil improvers or other chemical substances in the soil. Your water consumption will also drop considerably.

  • Artificial turf on the green is the wise choice and cost effective
  • Ecological because it is soft for the environment
  • Number of hours of playfulness of the terrain increases exponentially

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Artificial grass for the putting green

Characteristics of artificial grass

Fibre length (mm)15
Product height (mm)17
Stitches in the width (# per m)105
Stitches in the length (# per m)440
Knots (# per m²)43200
Fibre decitex (g/10km)7700
Product weight (g/m²)2505
Colors (#, shades per product)4
Filaments (# per knot)12
Yarn structuremonofilament
Fibre shapecurled micro
Yarn typepolyamide
Use Golf

This artificial grass is suitable for:

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