ResiGrass Pro 440 M - Rollwidth 4.00 m€49,61/m² (including VAT)€41/m² (excluding VAT)

A super grass with high resilience and beautiful natural appearance. This grass is the best sold in our collection since many years. The blades of grass are always nicely upright, even with a little more than average use

  • Top quality
  • Nice full and slightly darker green tint
  • Artificial turf for years of fun

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ResiGrass Pro 440 M

Characteristics of artificial grass

Fibre length (mm)40
Product height (mm)42
Stitches in the width (# per m)105
Stitches in the length (# per m)150
Knots (# per m²)15748
Fibre decitex (g/10km)14000
Product weight (g/m²)3155
Colors (#, shades per product)4
Filaments (# per knot)16
Yarn structuremonofilament
Fibre shapestraight
Yarn typepolyethylene / polypropylene
Use Frequent use
Intensive useA very resilient artifical grass for any spot with more than average use

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