ResiGrass Pro 530 New

30.13650.2523.00 - 4.00m Width€55,66/m² (including VAT)€46/m² (excluding VAT)

This fresh green artificial grass is very suitable for commercial projects or public spaces and hospitality areas where the grass needs to be fire-retardant. Its natural look and soft touch make it the ideal ground cover to take your project to the next level:

  • CFL-S1 certified
  • Fire retardant
  • Natural looking

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natural-looking artificial grass with Cfl-S1 fire-retardant certificate

Characteristics of artificial grass

Fibre length (mm)30
Product height (mm)32
Stitches in the width (# per m)105
Stitches in the length (# per m)130
Knots (# per m²)13650
Fibre decitex (g/10km)9900
Product weight (g/m²)1978
Colors (#, shades per product)4
Yarn structuremonofilament
Fibre shapestraight
Yarn typepolyethylene / polypropylene
Use Cfl-S1 certifeid - fire retardend

This artificial grass is suitable for:

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