Artificial grass does not require much maintenance, but regular cleaning extends the life of your artificial grass

  • remove organic material such as leaves, seeds, etc. on a regular basis with a rake, brush or leaf blower
  • the rain washes away most of the filth, but it is recommended to clean thoroughly with a garden hose or high pressure cleaner a few times per year. This cleaning can also possibly be done with an industrial vacuum cleaner.
  • occasionally brush long or soft artificial grass fibers so that the blades of grass stand up nicely
  • droppings from dogs, cats and birds do not cause any discoloration. For reasons of hygiene, it is recommended to remove these droppings on a regular basis, insofar as they are not washed away by the rain
  • replenish, on an annual basis, grass types that are filled with quartz sand and/or rubber granules and perform major maintenance every five years by filtering and filling once again with the infill material
  • nevertheless, if moss or weeds arise due to organic material that has been left behind, then you can simply remove it with a normal moss remover that is not too aggressive
  • Depending on the intensity of the usage, artificial grass for gardens and other applications lasts 12 to 15 years with normal use. It does not become really worn out but is usually replaced due to aesthetic considerations.
  • the lifespan for professional sports use or intensive use is estimated at 8-12 years. Although the fibers are not, of course, fully worn out, they will no longer meet the strict technical requirements of the federations.

Artificial grass provides an important added value to real estate and its image.

  • increase your property's image through the constant green and beautiful view
  • is attractive due to the extremely low maintenance
  • the quality, the true-to-life appearance and the ease of use are a pleasant surprise

You do not have to worry at all.

  • small droppings break down naturally and disappear through the perforations in the tuft fabric during every rain shower.
  • for hygienic reasons, it is recommended to remove larger quantities of excrement manually, or possibly with the garden hose or high pressure cleaner as with natural grass
  • there is no discoloration as a result of the droppings

ResiGrass is absolutely PET-FRIENDLY

  • Artificial grass can be cut out in any form and therefore also around the trunk of an existing tree.
  • The shape of existing tree trunks is followed, just as recesses can be made for plants in advance in the artificial turf. The rain water drains through the artificial turf so that the plants do not die out.
  • As the tree trunk becomes larger, you can cut away an extra piece of artificial grass around the trunk

Artificial grass will not catch fire immediately. Melt or scorch marks can be caused by

  • hot coals from the barbecue in the garden will leave behind scorch marks
  • leaving your garden hose filled with water, lying in the grass in hot temperatures, can also cause melt or scorch marks, so always remove the garden hose from your lawn.
  • the same effect might occur, due to reflection of sun-light on windows, glass domes, etc. that cause a magnifying-glass effect and might result in drastic warm up of the fibres beyond the melting point (75° - 80° C)
  • ResiGrass also has a number of qualities with fibers that are fire retardant and satisfy specific fire standards. Contact us for more information
  • Avoid heat sources on artificial grass in order to prevent melt and scorch marks.
  • Artificial grass does become hotter than natural grass in high outside temperatures, but does remain cooler than, for example, concrete, tiles, sand,...
  • Artificial grass that has not been infilled, such as the ResiGrass qualities for landscaping, become less hot than the infilled varieties. This is mainly due to the fact that the rubber particles of the infill material are much more sensitive to heat and contribute more to heating up.
  • Most artificial grasses consist of Polyethylene and/or polypropylene. The melting point of these plastics amounts to 130°C. However, starting from a temperature of approximately 70°C, a mechanical transformation can occur. Extremely low temperatures are not a problem.

Kunstgras is veel goedkoper dan een natuurlijk gras! Voor minder dan € 250,- per jaar is uw gazon voor u geïnstalleerd. Met het duurste gras uit de collectie hebt u een prachtige gazon in kunstgras voor € 300,-/jaar
Het is bijna niet te geloven, maar gebaseerd op de ingeschatte levensduur van onze kunstgrassen en op basis van een tuin van 50m2, het goedkoopste gras uit onze collectie ResiGrassPro, inclusief het verwijderen van uw bestaande gazon, het aanleggen van de onderlaag, een tussenlaag met ResiGeo en de volledige installatie, is de kost per dag een luttele 0,40 Euro !!  

Dezelfde berekening met het duurste gras uit hetzelfde gamma levert een kostprijs op van 0,70 Euro per dag

ResiGrass is de goedkoopste EN mooiste oplossing voor uw tuin!  BESTEL NU!

Artificial grass is ideal for your garden if you have pets. Dogs and cats are special fans of ResiGrass. You will also be extremely satisfied as pet owner because artificial grass offers many advantages to you and your pet:

  • ResiGrass is completely resistant to droppings from your pet
  • In contrast to natural grass, artificial grass will not discolor when droppings of your cat or dog are left behind, but always remains beautifully green
  • Because there is no organic material, your dog or cat will no longer dig in your garden so that will be the end of the bare sand pits and pools of mud

In short, for any pet owner, ResiGrass in your garden is the absolute solution for a lawn that is always green and beautiful.

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