Good water permeable ground, sandy soil,...

ResiGrass has been active in the industry already more than ten years and based on this experience, has developed a total concept for installation that delivers great results. 

We are happy to share this expertise with you and help you along the way with the tips below.

For the installation of ResiGrass on good water permeable ground follow the directions below

Keep in mind the following points:

1. Soil preparation

  • dig up existing grass cover up to the black soil (remove complete lawn including roots - dig up approximately 3-5 cm depending on the situation). Also make sure that any roots from grasses, plants or shrubs have all been removed completely
  • large uneven areas have been evened out 

  • a "foundation layer" of a fixed, water permeable type of sand, such as, for example, thin yellow sand, has to be applied. As standard, we work with a layer of +/- 3 cm, which is approximately 25 kg/m2
  • if you want to install the grass higher, you must level the area beforehand with your choice of material (sand, stone rubble, ...
  • the layer of (yellow) sand is then carefully leveled or smoothed with a slat or board and then compacted so that you get a tight, flat surface

2. Apply intermediate layer

For this type of surface, the ResiGeo is sufficient to apply as described before

3. Install ResiGrass

Install the grass as described for this purpose.  In order to secure and anchor the turf to the surface, ResiFix is used, whereby you apply ResiFix over the entire perimeter of your premises, at least at every meter. You do this by making a small incision in the turf, where you leave the knife in the incision and push the ResiFix along the blade of the knife in the incision and press well up to the backing of the turf. 



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