Green roofs

ResiGrass is a valuable alternative for the classic green roof for a variety of reasons:

  1. less expensive
  2. insulating capacity
  3. buffer for (heavy) rain in combination with ResiBase so that you satisfy the requirements very oftenly imposed by the government
  4. beautiful and can be walked on, in contrast with the extensive green roofs
  5. durable 

ResiGrass has been active in the industry already more than ten years and based on this experience, has developed a total concept for installation that delivers great results. 

We are happy to share this expertise with you and help you along the way with the tips below.

For the installation of ResiGrass on a roof / paved surface (concrete, tiles, wood, dry concrete mix,...), follow the instructions below

Follow the described method, keeping in mind the following points:

1. Surface preparation

  • make sure the surface is as even as possible
  • any small uneven areas can be smoothed as long as ResiBase is used
  • we recommend applying an intermediate layer with ResiBase as described for this purpose. In this case, ResiGeo can also be an option in certain cases, but ResiBase is preferred.

2. Intermediate layer

On roof terraces, we recommend using ResiBase for the advantages as listed for this purpose.

For roofs with roofing, EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer (M-class) rubber) or comparable protection layers, the use of ResiBase is absolutely necessary in order to prevent any damage to the roof covering.


3. Install ResiGrass

Install the grass as described for this purpose.  In order to secure and anchor the turf to the surface, ResiNail or ResiGlue is used, where you apply it over the entire perimeter of your premises, at least at every meter. These can be nailed easily in the surface. ResiNail is a thick steel galvanized nail of the highest quality. Special attention when applying the ResiNail.

If the surface consists of roofing, EPDM or a different rood protective coverage the use of ResiNail is not suitable. In that case, we recommend attaching with ResiGlue.

You can also attach to a wooden surface using wood screws or ResiGlue. For tile floors, it is best to use ResiGlue.



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