Advantages of artificial grass

Artificial grass has many advantages. ResiGrass develops qualities with a focus primarily on the following aspects

  • Ecological
  • Economical
  • Esthetical

Each ResiGrass quality is carefully selected based on these criteria with  absolute and high requirements in order to always deliver a high quality product.

Furthermore, all of our products have, of course, been developed with an absolute and high safety standard in order to avoid every health risk. All of our products are of course free from heavy metals and follow the highest safety standards. 


When you say to someone that artificial grass is environmentally friendly, you usually get skepticism and disbelief as response. Nevertheless, it is logical if you look at it closely. In addition, scientific research shows that this is indeed the case. 

In order to install natural grass and to keep it beautiful and maintained, you have to use products that have an impact on the environment. You avoid that with artificial grass because 

- no water is necessary -  an increasingly more scarce and expensive natural resource in many areas - in order to keep the grass beautifully soft and green

- you do not need any fertilizer or soil improvers and weed removers. These are more of chemical origin than on a natural basis and can contaminate the ground water through infiltration

- it is unnecessary to work the ground with electric or fuel-driven machines in order to mow, aerate, water,.....

- it does not generate waste that must be taken away and removed

Once installed, artificial grass is extremely maintenance and environmentally friendly.

Furthermore, there are qualities that are manufactured from recycled material and the raw materials from the turf can be recycled after the lifespan so that the "cradle to cradle" principle is achieved.



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