Always beautiful, green and mud-free

You know it all too well!

A tough winter, a few days of snow, heavy rain, too little rain, a heat wave in the summer, your (grand)children who play soccer on your carefully maintained lawn, a swimming pool that leaves behind a big circle of bare soil as scar after the summer period, sand (or mud) under the trampoline or jungle gym instead of grass, etc. 

Are you also thoroughly fed up with that? Call us NOW, order and then all you have to do is ENJOY ResiGrass. 

ResiGrass is also a rewarding solution for second homes such as your camper or bungalow, where you are not present every week to take care of the grass. Instead of immediately upon your arrival, getting to work  with the lawn mower, weed or moss removers, you can sit back in your garden chair and ENJOY.

We wish you much enjoyment of ResiGrass!


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