Placing an order

Placing an order at ResiGrass is easy and the process transparent.  In 5 steps you choose, order, pay en inform us how you would like to have the goods delivered.  After the selections of the products you would like to purchase, please put them in the basket. We gladly explain the further procedure below. In case you have difficulties or doubts about the quantity of material necessary for your project, we gladly help you with that.  To calculate the quantity of ARTIFICIAL GRASS or HEDGES, we refer to the following page on our website, where we explain how to go about based on some drawings.

Your coordinates
We need your coordinates in order to issue the invoice and deliver the goods at the right adress.  Please fill them in carefully in order to avoid unnecessary delays, errors or other problems that might occur and can create extra costs.  Classical errors to which we would like to draw your attention are

  • Do not forget to fill in the house number
  • Eventually apartment / bus number (not all information at the doorbell seems to be correct)
  • Specific instructions for the delivery or transport service need to be stated in the box ‘questions/request/remarks’ so we can easily find you to deliver the order. Take into consideration that the courier service / transport company delivers at the doorstep of the building (street level). Kindly note these might cause extra costs, which we will have to charge.
  • Make sure you mention the correct and full e mail address and phone number, so we can reach you in case of problems.
  • If you want the order to be delivered at another address, please do not forget to inform us and fill in the correct address in the order form.

On top op of the screen, you can see in which step of the process you are currently.


Forgot something. You can always go back to the shop to continue your purchase without losing the information or purchases you already registered. At the end of the purchase process, you will receive a full and detailed overview of the order, the amount to pay and the delivery method of your choice.  Verify all data at ease before finalising your purchase and execute the payment.


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