New kid on the block: how you can benefit from a Resigrass padel cage


Padel, the racket sport that combines elements of tennis and squash, has taken the world by storm with its dynamism and accessibility, and its popularity is also growing in Belgium. An essential part of the padel experience is the quality of the surface on which it is played. In this regard, artificial grass has emerged as an excellent choice for padel cages and courts due to its durability and versatility.
So whether you are looking for a great addition to your offering as a sports club or specifically want to set up a padel club, we summarized the most important info in this article!

Resigrass: years of expertise in sports fields

  • When it comes to installing padel cages, it is crucial to work with professionals specialised in artificial grass installations, such as Resigrass. A few examples where an experienced partner is guaranteed to make the difference:
  • Expertise and Experience: Resigrass has established itself as a leading player in the field of artificial turf installations. With years of experience and a team of expert professionals, they can create padel cages that meet the highest standards.
  • Customisation: Every location has its own unique characteristics and challenges. Resigrass understands this and offers tailor-made solutions for padel cages. From determining the right dimensions to designing the layout, our experts think with you and we strive to achieve an end result that suits you! 
  • Quality materials: the quality of the artificial grass is very important for the playing experience and durability of the padel court. Resigrass uses high-quality artificial grass that can withstand intensive use and various weather conditions. All our turf, whether coloured artificial grass or natural, is produced to the highest standards and EU safety norms. 
  • Quick Installation: Time is money, so time is of the essence when installing sports facilities. Resigrass is committed to efficient and timely installations, so your investment starts to pay off quickly.
  • One point of contact: For more than 20 years, Resigrass has been installing artificial grass for individuals and companies in Flanders, Wallonia, and also across borders such as Luxembourg, France and the Netherlands. We know better than anyone that every successful installation starts with thorough information and planning. We listen to your needs, help you select the right product and provide the installation from A to Z.

Why you should provide a padel court with artificial grass

  • Durability: Artificial grass is designed to last a long time, even with intensive use. This translates into a longer life of your padel court and years of enjoyment from your investment!
  • Weather resistance: Artificial grass padel courts can withstand a variety of weather conditions, from rain to sunshine. This allows players to hit the courts all year round. 
  • Consistent Playing Quality: Artificial grass offers an even surface with consistent playing quality. Uneven and muddy areas are a thing of the past, giving players an optimal playing surface. The drainage system ensures that playability is maximised.

Aanleg gekleurde padelbaan ResigrassWhy investment in padel courts is so successful

More and more people are finding their way to the sport. Southern countries like Spain already preceded us and proved that the sport is 'here to stay'. There are several reasons for this. 

First of all, the sport is very accessible and offers the ideal sporting outlet for young and old. In addition to individuals, companies are increasingly looking for accessible team sports to use for team-buildings, where padel offers a ready-made answer. This allows you to maximise the use and rental of your padel courts even at calmer times. To increase traction at your club, you can also consider padel events with DJs, club tournaments, etc. 

In short: the construction of padel cages and padel courts offers an awful lot of advantages. From sustainability and lower maintenance costs to the possibility as a profitable model. With the growing popularity of padel, now is the perfect time to join this trend. During this entrepreneurial adventure, would you like a reliable party on your side that only delivers quality? Then you are most welcome at Resigrass in Ekeren, where we will discuss over a cup of coffee how we can take your club to the next level together.
See you soon!