Fun craft projects for the children's room with artificial grass

With the colder months approaching, our activities are shifting from outdoors to indoors. Are you still looking for fun & educational ways to keep your little one occupied? Or do you secretly fancy a craft project yourself? Then we'll get you started with these two easy DIY projects with artificial grass: hours of fun guaranteed. Extra plus: since fake grass is perfectly safe for children, it is a fun and durable material to brighten up small items around the house with!

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Project 1: Soft play table with 'grass'

There is nothing like a play table that incorporates different textures, not only to create a realistic image, but also to stimulate different senses while playing. You can make this fun table with the following items:

  • Table or wooden spool
  • Artificial grass (best with a lower pile height, ask for it in the Resigrass showroom)
  • Glue 
  • Cutting knife 
  • Paint for the visible wooden parts
  • Optional: Decoration from nature such as bark, stones (dried flowers), ...

This is how you proceed:

  1. Paint the visible parts of the wooden table
  2. Measure the round surface
  3. Cut the artificial grass to the size of the table surface. Tip: artificial grass should be cut on the back with a sharp cutter knife. Be careful not to cut on soft surfaces such as a tablecloth, as this can damage it.
  4. Spread glue on the surface and stick the artificial grass on it.
  5. Personalise it however you like  

Project 2: Race track with green fields _ (6)Are they crazy about racetracks at your house? If so, this pallet race track with grass carpet is an asset to your family: 

  • Pallet (often available from DIY shops or shops) 
  • A leftover roll of Resigrass (low blades)
  • Glue 
  • Cutting blade 
  • Paint 
  • Chalk (white)
  • Optional: self-adhesive velcro tape
  1. First paint the pallet in the desired colour for the racetrack, such as black or dark grey
  2. Decide how you want the tracks to run and where you want to install the grass
  3. Cut out the pieces of artificial grass. Always do this on the backing of the grass and on a hard surface that you cannot damage with your cutter knife. It is also best not to let your child do this
  4. Once the paint is dry, attach the pieces to the pallet. If you want to attach them permanently, use a can of glue; if you want a racetrack that can change, you can attach it using self-adhesive Velcro tape
  5. Personalise the track further with chalk lines for the driving lanes, parking, etc. 

Good luck!

To realise all these projects you can always call on the leftover rolls and pieces of artificial grass at Resigrass. You can find them at the front of the show garden or you can ask for them (by phone)!