Petgrass, the ideal artificial grass for your dog or cat

If you have pets, chances are your garden is dedicated to your dog or cat. It is the ideal place to let off some steam between walks, and maybe your dogs also have a specific running path along the fence. The result? A garden where the grass no longer grows, full of spots where the sand becomes one big mud puddle in winter and spray in summer. When your pet comes back inside, they often take some sand with them between their paws as icing on the cake. 

Tired of trying to sow the sandy patches and clean up the muddy paws in the house every time? Do you dream of a strong, green lawn that your dog can play on to his heart's content all year round, without seeing the bald patches as a result? Then Resigrass petgrass is the solution for your situation! In this blog, you will read all about the different properties of Petgrass artificial grass for pets, how safe artificial grass is for your pet, where you can install it all and how much artificial grass for dogs costs. 

Artificial grass tailored to your pet

For years, artificial grass has been an ideal water-permeable surface for anyone who wants a garden or (roof) terrace where enjoyment is central and maintenance is minimal. With increasing applications in private gardens and the rise in the number of pets, the demand for artificial turf suitable for pets also increased. Previously, several shorter artificial grasses were already suitable for installation in a garden where small and large dogs would also romp, but since 2022, Resigrass focused on an artificial grass that meets all the needs of pet owners with the Resigrass pet grass: 

  • Extra strong due to high number of grass blades per square metre
  • Retains appearance through shorter pile height, resistant to animal paws and nails
  • A lovely green appearance all year round
  • Easy maintenance
  • Knitted backing allows rainwater and puddles to run through to the ground more easily
  • Easy to clean with high-pressure cleaner 

    All these features ensure that both you and your four-legged friend can enjoy a green outdoor environment all year round!

Is artificial grass safe for my dog? 

All artificial grasses at Resigrass are produced within the EU and the highest safety standards apply during the production processes. The result is therefore artificial grass mats that have been tested completely safe for humans & animals. An extra point of attention is the fixation of the grass mat all around: it is always extra well secured in case animals are present, so they cannot easily get loose. The grass is resistant to romping and frequent passing of animal paws, but if your pet has extremely long nails, this can have a harmful effect on the artificial grass. 
Rodents and quadrupeds that eat grass are also by no means a good idea in a garden with artificial lawn: it remains a synthetic product that should not be eaten. 

Can I install petgrass on my roof terrace? 

Just like the other types of artificial grass, Petgrass can be installed on any substrate. Conditions are, as always, that you provide a well-draining subsoil (we always recommend a gravel bed) and that the fake grass mat can be properly fixed. In a garden, this is done with nails or artificial grass hooks, on a terrace with glue or screws in a wooden frame. 
Depending on the type of surface, you can install Petgrass from 102.85€/m2. This means a hefty initial investment, but when you know that artificial lawns last for many years (with proper maintenance a decade or so and often longer), it is important to keep a close eye on the costs you incur annually for the maintenance of a natural lawn (fertilisers, water, sowing, mowing, scarifying,...). Often, with regular maintenance, these are so high that you will have paid off the investment of artificial grass after just a few years!

Would you like to come and discover what Petgrass looks or feels like on a large area? Then you are always (with pet!) welcome in our spacious show garden in Ekeren, where you can discover all the different types and receive a free custom-made offer + large samples. That way you can make the best choice!