"What is the price of artificial grass, how do I attach it and is it water-permeable?" Your 5 most frequently asked questions about artificial grass answered.

When you decide to install artificial lawn in your garden, balcony or on your roof terrace, chances are that you prefer this ground cover over the rest for its natural look, low-maintenance nature or the product's longevity. However, one artificial grass is not the other, and because of the different aspects you need to take into account, we find that customers soon can't see the wood for the trees. That is why we share our insights and answer the 5 most frequently asked questions about artificial grass below:

1. What is the price of artificial grass?

We all like to know what we are getting into and it is the same with artificial grass. The cost of artificial grass depends on a number of factors, such as:

- the country of origin/production, 
- the height of the artificial grass and the quantity of grass blades/m2,
- the quality of the yarn 

The cheapest artificial grasses start from 5€/m2 and the most expensive go up to 70€/m2. The quality and beauty of the artificial grass thus go directly proportional to the price. So know that a cheap artificial grass mat will only last a few years versus high-quality artificial lawn that can easily last 12-20 years and factor this into your calculation. Still want to know what you will really pay? Then ask for a free quote.

2. Which artificial lawn should I choose? 

long & natural, more mossy in undertone or rather a fresh green? Much depends on your personal preference, but always ask what the experts would recommend based on your personal situation: that way you avoid choosing a beautiful long ornamental lawn, which your big sheepdog will turn into a sad carpet in no time. What to look out for when buying fake grass, we explain in this blog

3. How to lay and fix artificial grass?

Here we always start from your specific situation: how best to lay the artificial grass roll and how to fix it to the ground depends on the dimensions of your plot and the subsoil. An installation on a permeable sandy soil is different from laying artificial grass on the tiles of a roof terrace. This is because in the first case (an organic soil) you work with hooks and in the case of smooth surfaces, glue is often appropriate. We worked out a comprehensive installation guide for you here. 

4. Can I have artificial grass installed and what about maintenance? 

You can lay artificial grass yourself, depending on your skills. From choosing the right type to working out an installation plan and accurate calculations for quantities: you can count on our team to assist you. But do you lack the time, inclination or strength to do it yourself? Then call in the Resigrass installation team! Resigrass was one of the first artificial turf pioneers in Belgium and with more than 20 years of knowledge and experience, we can take the worry off your hands! You can also call on our team for maintenance. In terms of maintenance, artificial grass is a rewarding product: it is important to brush/blow/dust vacuum away loose (organic) dirt from time to time for a radiant green grass carpet. More thorough cleaning is recommended once a year. All information on major and minor maintenance can be found here.  

5. Is artificial grass permeable to water?

Absolutely.Each Resigrass artificial grass mat contains controlled perforations in the underlayer, along which rain can seep into the soil.In case of heavy rainfall, the grass mat forms a buffer, allowing 60L/minute/m2 to run through to the soil.If the subsoil is well-drained (we always recommend a gravel bed for optimal flow), you will therefore have no puddles on the turf itself and the rain will flow smoothly to the soil. 

Choosing the right artificial grass often involves several questions.Always ask your artificial grass expert for advice, so that you are well informed and can make a well-considered decision based on correct information.If you want to outsource everything, a party that provides advice, selection and installation is the best choice.This way, you will have a single point of contact from start to finish, which will save you a lot of headaches. 
Also, always try to buy the artificial grass 'in real life' and avoid disappointment through an online purchase. This way, you can also ask any additional questions to the on-site advisers. 
Do you still have questions you cannot find here or in our FAQ list? Then call us on +32 (0)3 290.35.93 or drop by our show garden in Ekeren for free tailored advice!