Buying artificial grass: what should you pay attention to?

Kindvriendelijk kunstgrasJAre you planning to give your garden or balcony a makeover and want to achieve this with artificial grass? How do you decide on a type of grass? What should you pay attention to before, during and after the installation in order to obtain an optimal result? And where is the best place to buy artificial grass? Our experts give a few tips about the surface, calculation of the quantity and installation of an artificial lawn:

The grass that suits me

Artificial grass is a very versatile product and the days when you had the -easy- choice between 3 different types are long gone. One of the most frequent comments in our show garden is 'oh my, I didn't know there was so much choice!
Don't be overwhelmed by the wide choice, but think about the following questions beforehand:

  • What is the primary function of your lawn?

Is your garden a place for children to romp around, a versatile place for all the family, do you have large pets, or do you want an ornamental garden which gets little use? This will influence the species you can choose from. A fine blade of grass, for example, is perfectly suited to a fresh ornamental garden, but less so for three German Shepherds who walk on it every day. For more intensive use, choose shorter, sturdier varieties such as RGP 457 or RGP 405 I (for really intensive use).

  • What is the surface?

The surface on which you are going to install the fake grass also plays a role. If you are laying on a roof terrace with EPDM or another fragile surface, it is best to ask for a shock-absorbing mat between both layers. The latex backing can cause friction - and thus wear - on an EPDM when walked on. Avoid unpleasant surprises in the future and choose the substrate that suits your situation!

  • How do you calculate the right size?

The rolls are always produced at 4m width. Since artificial grass has a laying direction, which means that there can be a visual difference in colour if you do not respect this, it is important to take this into account. This handy drawing shows you how to calculate the right square metres.

  • Do you have a maximum budget?

Prices vary widely and can go up to 55 euro/m². The price difference lies in the amount of material used per square metre: the longer the sprigs, the more supporting material, the higher the price. If you really have a maximum price per square metre in mind, just tell the advisor at the beginning of your consultation. That way, he or she can recommend types that you feel comfortable with.
Please note: Artificial lawns are an investment which should be considered over a long period of time. A quality type of grass produced in the EU will last approximately 12 to 15 years. So choose the type you like, and not just the one that might be a few euros cheaper.

  • Where to buy artificial grass?

Since the corona era, just about everyone is into online shopping. Surf, click, order and voilà, your order is on its way! Many suppliers of fake grass also have a web shop where you can easily place your order. However, always try to feel and see the different types in real life: that way you know exactly what to expect. A type of grass on a sample sometimes looks completely different on a larger surface! If you can, try to visit a show garden.

When comparing suppliers, make sure that you are not comparing apples and oranges: length of grass, amount of material per square metre, weight, country of origin, etc. must be roughly the same before you can compare prices.
need to be about the same before you can compare prices.

  • Do you install it yourself or do you have it done?

This not only has an impact on the budget you have to calculate, but also on what you have to buy. If you install it yourself, don't forget to order the necessary accessories for an artificial grass installation: the geotextile, the stakes/Resifix to fix it all in place, one-sided adhesive tape for the seams or tape and glue. Read here how to install an artificial turf mat yourself.
You can also ask your artificial grass supplier for information: their experts undoubtedly have tips for a smooth installation!

In short: before you buy, make sure you choose an artificial grass type that suits your lifestyle - and not just your taste. Choose a supplier you feel comfortable with and of whom you know you can always turn to with additional questions. Because let's face it: nothing more annoying than having an urgent question and only an online helpdesk to email, right?
Also, always try to view the grass carpet of your choice on a larger surface beforehand, as artificial grass is very difficult to capture in a photo alone. Make sure you are well informed about the quantity and any accessories (underlays, hooks, tape,...) that you will need.
And last but not least: our Resigrass experts are always ready to assist you with your garden projects, both by phone and in the showroom and garden!