How to install an artificial hedge and buy the right kind of hedge?

You see them popping up more and more: green walls.
From co-working spaces to catering establishments and even on your terrace, these green panels are an ideal way to bring nature into your home -when it is not actually possible-. On a terrace, you often have little space to put real hedges, flower boxes sometimes weigh too much, and the irrigation systems for an indoor moss wall come with a hefty price tag. 
The solution? Fake hedges that you easily attach to any surface! Whether you want an eye-catcher in your business or a little privacy on your balustrade: with the different types of artificial hedge panels from Resigrass, you can have a beautiful green wall in less than 1 day! 

Why choose artificial hedges?  

Due to lack of time, age or location (think of a narrow terrace or an exhibition stand with no daylight), installing a natural hedge may not be an option. Still want to enjoy the visual aspect of a hedge without maintenance? Then opt for a synthetic hedge. There are numerous types of artificial hedges, each with its own character, so you are guaranteed to find an option to suit your project! Instant jungle fever can be achieved with Resileaf mixed, or go for a classic such as boxwood -but then the variant without boxwood moth- or laurel. If you are not afraid of colour, the Lavender is for you or a vertical garden, for a nice shade of different types of leafy green with white or pink flowers. 

What to watch out for when buying artificial hedges

One artificial hedge is not like another, so there are a few things it's best to look out for when buying your artificial hedge. As so often, cheap often means a bad buy. Just think of the blue leaves you see on some fake ivy garlands: not exactly the professional or luxurious look you want to achieve with your business. 

So if you are faced with the choice, consider the following:

  • UV resistance of the leaves. This will ensure that the hedge does not turn blue - or even discolour completely - after a certain time. 

  • Guarantee on the hedges: low quality hedges do not come with a guarantee, which means you have to repeat your purchase every season. In the long run, this will cost you more than if you suddenly choose a hedge that will last for years. 

  • The location of the fake hedge: where will it go? Do you plan to attach it to your fence or will it be on a smooth surface? Can the back of the hedge be attached to it? Will you get sufficient explanation for a successful installation? 

  • The price: as already quoted, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. A 6€ panel will not benefit you for long and you will put a lot of effort into buying/attaching/collecting it again, etc. 
    Een kunsthaag plaatsen: hoe doe je dat?

Installing an artificial hedge: how do you do it? 

If you buy your artificial hedges from an experienced dealer such as Resigrass, you can always call on a professional team to do the installation for you. This is especially useful for more difficult or more extensive installations, such as a green wall at height. 

However, the extensive Resileaf collection was developed with a handy modular clipping system, so you can easily install your hedge yourself. 

Depending on the wall/surface against which you will need the following materials: 

  • A railing or glass enclosure of a terrace: here the use of cable ties is recommended. Secure the panels with these every 20 cm and, in the case of a balustrade with several rails, attach the straps to each rail. 

  • A stone wall/hard surface: this depends on whether you own the place or rent it. If it is your property and you find the holes in the wall ok, then fix the hedge panels with screws. If you rent or don't want to damage the surface, then you should look into the option of building a wooden frame, securing the hedge to the wooden panels. 

  • A fence: if you want to reduce views into the garden but don't feel like waiting years for the hedge to mature, you can use a clip hedge for this too. You attach it with cable ties every 20 cm vertically and horizontally. Always buy relatively wide bands so they don't 'cut' in strong winds

So if you are looking for a unique way to provide your indoor or outdoor environment with greenery 'without fuss', then clip hedges in plastic are the way to go! 

If you want to know how the Resigrass collection can transform your space and how much it would cost you, contact our advisers for a free quote and tailored advice!

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