Which artificial grass to choose for your garden: 6 steps to a low-maintenance green lawn

You have long dreamed of a garden that always looks perfect, with a green lawn that looks perfect all year round. However, all the work involved in a perfectly green lawn is something you dread? Or you have a lovely roof garden, but haven't found the ideal, water-permeable ground cover yet?  Then artificial grass might be a very good option for your situation! However, there are many different types, and the claims that one artificial grass is not the other? Those are just true. So who do you buy your artificial grass from? From an authorised distributor, a DIY shop or just online? 
There is quite a lot involved in selecting an artificial grass that suits your (family) situation, so we are happy to outline the process from A to Z for you. That way, you make a well-informed decision for a long-lasting green grass carpet that you will enjoy for years to come! 

Step 1: your current situation

We start the transformation to your evergreen oasis at the beginning, which is your current situation. What does the environment you want to transform look like? Is it about a garden, balcony, terrace, courtyard, or are you going for a sustainable playground for your school's playground, for example? And what is the current soil: does it involve a complete replacement of the substrate, or can it still serve perfectly well as a substrate for an artificial grass mat? Artificial grass carpets are permeable to water and, if the ground is not too uneven, can easily be laid on top of existing tiles, for instance. Make a note of the current state of affairs, the materials available and the dimensions.

Step 2: the vision of your green dream

You may have had a Pinterest board for years on which you collect all your ideas for your outdoor space, or maybe you have a large dose of creativity and draw your dream garden or terrace all by yourself! Either way, it helps enormously to have a clear vision of what your ideal final situation looks like: do you want a large grass surface, have you been dreaming for years of nice stepping stones to the garden house at the back, maybe you would like to integrate a nice terrace on the left or on the right,...: think about this calmly and collect possible inspiration images that can clarify your vision to professional parties at a later stage. 

Step 3: Look at the resources

As a Belgian entrepreneur, we realise better than anyone that the last few years have been challenging financially. We are transparent about the fact that artificial turf involves an initially higher investment than natural grass. However, we are certain that this investment pays for itself quickly over the years by saving maintenance, fertiliser, water, lawnmowers, etc.: our customers confirm this time and again. Artificial grass comes in different types, whereby you pay more for the ones that have high-pile blades and are very thickly tufted than for slightly more economical grass types. More material = higher cost. However, the quality of Resigrasses are the same, from the entry-level types to the most opulent carpet. In the third step of your dream garden, list your available budget and where you want to land maximum and minimum for the realisation of your dream garden. Apart from money, however, time is also a resource you can use: do you possibly want to do the preparatory work yourself? Or even the complete installation? Then you will obviously save quite a bit of money. So you can already estimate how much time and money you have available for the realisation. 

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Step 4: head out!

You can find everything online, but some things are best looked at in real life. Artificial grass is one of the things you prefer to take the time to see and feel the different types. It is best to choose a type in a large show garden, where you can see the different types on a large surface, such as at Resigrass, just north of Antwerp. Of course, you can always request free samples, but the past +20 years have taught us that customers always experience artificial grass differently on small samples versus in a large, outdoor space with natural daylight. Indeed, did you know that artificial light indoors can already greatly influence the look of a grass? The colours often come out differently then than in an outdoor environment. 
Allow half a day for this phase, during which you visit the showroom and show garden. Based on your situation (environment & use), dimensions and possibly inspiration images of your dream garden, our experts will recommend a number of species. You can go see these in the large show garden at the back and you can even walk on them, to know what your situation could soon be! Once you have chosen your favourite, our advisers will draw your garden based on the dimensions you provide. Based on the necessary works and dimensions, they will then draw up a no-obligation quote. You will then receive large samples for laying out in your garden. This appointment is completely free of charge and gives you a good idea of the costs you can expect.  And for the very quick decision-makers, sometimes even just 30 minutes ;)

Step 5: (Almost) time for action

Are you convinced? Whether you made the decision in the showroom or in your home: we will start working on it! If you approve the offer, we will give you a number of dates on which the work can be carried out. If in doubt, someone will visit you on site to double-check the dimensions, although in 90% of cases this is not necessary. On the big day, the Resigrass installation team always brings along enough material to correct minor deviations from the original plan. 

Step 6: Roll out that green carpet! 


On the agreed day (subject to good weather conditions), the materials will be delivered, and if you opted for a full-delivery, our team will carry out all the work, sometimes giving you a completely new outdoor space in less than half a day! So set yourself up for a fantastic before & after, because it is the reason why, after 22 years, we still do our job with just as much passion. Once installed, the whole thing needs to be allowed to rest and harden for 24 hours. Afterwards, the glue is sufficiently bonded and this green carpet is ready for years of enjoyment! 

So when you decide to finally give your outdoor space that big metamorphosis, these 6 steps will get you started for a result you will be 100% satisfied with. Getting your vision clear, knowing what the possibilities are given your situation and thinking about what resources you can use will help professionals realise your dream the way you see it! It is only logical that questions arise in the process: our experts are always ready to help. 

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