Articles ordered via this web shop will be delivered in the countries listed hereunder.

For the delivery of your order we can offer you several options as mentioned below. The hedges are packed in boxes, which are easier to transport and for which there are more possibilities than for the rolls of artificial grass. For the sake of clarity we have separated the delivery options for hedges and grass.

Delivery occurs by truck or courier services.

Unless otherwise agreed or explicitly determined otherwise, the goods shall be delivered to the Customer’s residence within 30 days of receipt of the order.


We can arrange the transport of the artificial grass for you. The grass is more difficult to transport due to its form.  Rolls with a length of 4.00 meters can only be transported adequately by specialised transport companies.  The costs related thereto are however higher than the classic transport of boxes or packages.

The transit times are also higher due to the fact that most of the orders are LTL (less than truckload) with several transhipment points along the route. Therefor transit times as estimates and deviations are possible. The estimated transit times are listed in the table below. Please note these are indicative and as stated deviations can occur. We have made an agreement with our carriers that they contact you to make an appointment for the delivery, so you know when you can expect them at your door.

 DESTINATION          Estimated transit time, as from day of loading in Ekeren
Belgium 3 to 5 working days
Netherlands 5 to 7 working days
Germany 5 to 8 working days
Luxembourg 4 to 7 working days
France 6 to 8 working days
Austria  8 to 10 working days
Switzerland 8 to 12 working days
UK 10 to 15 working days
South Europe 12 to 17 working days

Smaller rolls (up to 2.5 m length – ca 8 to 10 m2 max.), can be shipped with a courier service, with lower transit times.  You will be able to follow this by means of the ‘track and trace’ service of the courier service.

Transport costs are calculated according to quantity, weight and dimensions.

You can of course also pick up the articles yourself at our premises or indicated location. Make sure you have adequate transport means and do not forget the rolls have a length of 4 meters.  For more information please check

Should you so desire, we can organise the transport of the hedges for you.  We work with a couple of transport services to get your order as soon as possible to your door. The costs for the transport will be calculated once you have completed your basket/cart at the end of the order process.

You can of course also pick up the articles in Ekeren or our indicated storage location. Make sure you have sufficient loading capacity to safely organise the transport.

Any visible damage, quantitative and/or qualitative deficiencies of an article or other deficiency in the delivery must be reported immediately by the Customer to Resigrass and you need to make the necessary reservations and/or remarks in writing towards the transport company/courier or any other 3rd party services.

In case the reservations have not been duly made on the transport documents, we won’t be able to recover or claim those from the 3rd party involved and as a consequence will have to decline eventually claimed damage and/or loss by you

The risk due to loss or damage is transferred to the Customer at the time the goods have been physically received by the Customer according to the agreed sales conditions (Incoterms 2010) and as mentioned in the order.


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